How to win at Slot Machines using your phone - calculation method

How to win at Slot Machines using your phone RNG calculation method

Russian hackers have invented an ingenious device


Russians roam casinos from Poland to Macau to Peru in search of the necessary models of slot machines, whose random number generators could be decoded by a special algorithm. To do this, they use mobile phones to record video games on the machine they need, and then transfer the footage to Russia. There, a special person and his assistants analyze the sent video, and then calculate the RNG of this apparatus.

Thereafter, they send back billing data for a special application installed on the agent's phone; this data causes the phones to vibrate a fraction of a second before the agent has to press the start button.

Using these hints, a team of four was able to "make" more than 250 thousand dollars in a week

RNGenerator program - RNG calculation

RNGenerator program RNG calculation

To date, this is the only way to win on slot machines, without penetrating into the processor module of the gaming machine. The program installed on the phone is independently configured for random number generator slot machine and knows in advance all his winning combinations for the near future.

In practice, most of the options to win slot machines consisted of software hacking - introduction secret virus program in the slot machine for subsequent receipt of winnings from the "BUG-s" device.

That is, to hack the machine it is required to enter into an agreement with someone from the staff and install a buggy firmware. And only after that there was a real chance win all the time not forgetting to unfasten the agreed percentage to the staff.

Program RNGenerator v.5.8

Purpose - algorithmic calculation of the RNG (random number generator) of the slot machine and the creation of RNG-files with data (for several days in advance) with all the winning combinations for the gaming machine for which the calculation was created.

After, ready-made new files are downloaded to the phone, where a special program is already included - which decrypts the algorithms and further tells the agent at what time the slot machine will give out: winning combination.

RNGenerator program - RNG calculation
RNGenerator program - RNG calculation

The video shows an example how the program analyzes the RNG of a slot machine for subsequent creation of files for the phone.

In advance, a special "agent" comes to the casino with slot machines its task is to record the game on video from any available device. Then, send the footage and wait for a response with calculations.

The sent video, by spins of rotation, is loaded into the RNGenerator program and the RNG analysis is started.

After some time, the program gives the result, from which the files for the agent's phone are created.

How to win at slot machines using your phone

How to win at slot machines using your phone

Allows you to beat slot machines while playing like a regular player. A mobile phone with a special program installed will help with this. The phone will notify you of a win every time by emitting a signal - a vibrating alert. It is required to listen to him carefully and at these moments to press the start button on the slot machine.

For preliminary analysis, you will need the RNGenerator program.

The program will create files to work on the phone. You cannot calculate the algorithm on one machine and play on another. It will be possible to win on the one on which it was produced initial analysis.

The main thing! Now you do not need to negotiate with the staff and security, you take all the winnings for yourself.

A way to win on slot machines using Viber, Skype or Telegram

win slot machines using Viber, Skype or Telegram

For this method need a partner which will manage all the work through any Viber, Skype or Telegram video application. This method has a number of advantages where you can use a smartphone of any model, internet connected and invisible micro earpiece. In this case, a lot of experience is not required from the player himself, all the work will be done by a partner sitting remotely (possibly in another city).

Of course! the partner must be proficient in remote control.

Created for: Novomatic, Gaminator,
Admiral, HotSpot, Cobra, Super V+, EGT

The proposed method is based on the calculation of the random number generator of the slot machine and the creation of files with the continuation of all subsequent winning results that the slot machine program should generate in the next few hours.

New files are downloaded to the mobile phone, which will vibrate to indicate the winning combination. At this time, you need to press the start button of the slot machine and collect your winnings.

The method is not a hacking of slot machines and does not require access to the electronics of the slot machine.