Secret devices for slot machines

hacking slot machines

The best way to cheat a slot machine is to install an hidden device. Such a device will help you switch the modes of the slot machine from the usual to the "greedy" or very generous. Naturally, these modes need to be activated in advance, otherwise everyone can use them and such a device will be quickly replaced with another one.

Any device requires installation in a slot machine. Only those who have access or will be able to negotiate with those who can provide such access, they will successfully use the proposed method.

Percent-selector for


"Percent-selector" Additionally installed device in slot machines designed for reducing the percentage of returns from factory standards that are stitched into the program of gaming machines. That is, if the owner decided to get more money from the players, then, he installs such a device in his slot machines. Such a device is prohibited for use in European countries.

Percent-selector for slot machine

How to win with a selector

You can easily install such a selector in a slot machine by yourself.

If in the right slot machine such a selector is already installed, you are lucky. It is enough to send a photo of your selector and order a similar one from us, but already with a installed virus.

Prove that a selector with a virus impossible by any method. The program in the selector has read-protection. At the same time, the selector remains with a "greedy" percentage, as in the original version.

Variety of installing the bug in the selector

  1. Doubling (Double) with card table
    - you will need a computer and an assistant to dictate the output cards.
  2. Doubling without a table but with an activator
    - after activation, the slot machine allows you to win any color of the card 20 times in a row.
  3. Giving out a Bonus - free games
    - after activation, the slot machine will give out a bonus on 5th or 7th scrolling.
  4. Jackpot payout with maximum winnings
    - after activation, the slot machine will give out the most significant symbols in a line on the 5th or 7th spin of the reels.
  5. Issuing Bonuses in the Bonus
    - after activation, the slot machine will give out a bonus for 5th or 7th spins and more bonuses in the bonus (specify the number of bonus-drop by the order).
  6. Jackpot payout in the Bonus
    - after activation, the device will give out a bonus on the 5th or 7th spin and in the bonus it will give out the most significant symbols in the line.

Installation in a slot machine

Installing the percent-selector in the slot machine will not be difficult. You need to insert the selector module into the slot designed for this purpose on the slot machine board. It is installed under the main video card (graphics card), after which it is almost hidden during the operation of the device.

Remove the video card by pulling it up, it is easily pulled out

The selector is installed on the slot machine board for the main (first) video card - see the photo.

If you have a two-monitor device, then there will be two video cards, but the connector for the selector is always under the first one.

In the photo, the board of a single-monitor slot machine and, accordingly, there is only one video card.

To install the selector, you will need to remove the video card. The video card can be bolted with two bolt diagonally (missing in the photo). After unscrewing the bolts - pull the card up - it will easily come out of the connectors.

Setting the percent-selector in the slot machine

The connector for installation is located under the video card (graphics card)

After the card is removed, you will see a connector on the main board of the slot machine (see the photo - indicated by an arrow). This is the BDM-connector where you need to install the selector.

Setting the percent-selector in the slot machine

Set the percent-selector

We install our selector into this connector, so that it enters (sticks) into this connector to the end.

Setting the percent-selector in the slot machine

Install the video card in its place

Now we install the video card on top and you can turn on the slot machine.

Setting the percent-selector in the slot machine

"Microchip" for slot machines


A very small, only 3 mm, chip for hidden installation on the slot machine board. The principle of work is similar to the percent-selector and the difference is only in size. Has a greedy mode and a hidden virus code for issuing large winnings.

plastic microchip pad connector for slot machines

Setting a "Microchip"

Requires experience in soldering and radio engineering. There are several installation methods, the most common ones are to hide it under the processor or in the plastic case of the connector for the percent-selector. All instructions and wiring scheme will be sent along with the microchip.

It is a universal device and will work on all versions of Novomatic slot machines from 5.5 to 5.8 (CoolFire-1). That is, you do not need to know the firmware version and the slot machine number, the microchip works on all versions!

Setting under the processor

The difficulty consist in the careful dismantling of the processor and installing a microchip for it, to do this, a small recess must be milled in advance on the board. After that, you will need to install the processor back in its place.

microchip for Gaminator Novomatic slot machines

Set in the BDM connector

This method is considered universal. It takes less than one minute to install such a plastic case. The difficulty lies in installing a microchip in a plastic case.

microchip for Gaminator Novomatic slot machines

A plastic with a microchip is installed instead of a plastic BDM connector on the slot machine board. The desired connector is located under the first video card and most likely it will already be in it the percent-selector is set (which will need to be temporarily pulled out).

microchip for Gaminator Novomatic slot machines

It is not necessary to solder the desired connector, it is enough to pull it out of the pins. This is easy to do with a flathead screwdriver. Enough with a little effort (relying on the adjacent connectors and bolts) squeeze the plastic case up, working with a screwdriver on both sides.

microchip for Gaminator Novomatic slot machines

The plastic will easily pop out of the pins. Now it remains only to replace it (with a pre-installed microchip) and recover everything.