Firmware for Gaminator, Novomatic, Admiral, Cobra, HotSpot

hacking slot machines

Cheat firmware allows you to increase the winning percentage

That is, to make the slot machine give out a very good winning combination.

This type of slot machines is known for games: "Money Game", "Dolphin Pearl", "Book of Ra", "Magic Money", "Lucky Lady Sharm", "Secret Forest", "Columbus", "Queen of Hearts", "Balloons", "Bananas to the Bahamas" and many others.

Activation of the cheat code is triggered, if the player plays according to predefined (only known to him) combinations in an exact sequence.

When this is done and the cheat is activated, the slot machine will give out a pre-planned win: impressive bonuses, winning lines or doubling at risk are issued.

If there are any troubles, you can disable the cheat at any time by deactivating it by switching to another game or changing the activation combination.

The most important thing when using our firmware, the statistics of the slot machine are not violated, there is no need to reset the slot machine.

In other words, you just have to put the chip on the board and enjoy the winnings!

Programmer for slot machines

Gaminator Novomatic Admiral Cobra HotSpot CoolFire

If you already have a programmer for recording simm modules of slot machines, then you can order only binary files *.bin, *.rom, for self-firmware replacing.

Other useful programs, plugins and other software for editing statistical data of the slot machine, detecting bugs, and so on, you can see in the section PROGRAMS.

Cheat firmware for Gaminator Novomatic slot machines

Firmware for Gaminator Novomatic Admiral Cobra

Firmware for doubling (Double)

- the method is based on guessing the color of the card - black / red, which increases the prize credits received.

When you enter a secret cheat code, the machine will issue cards in a known sequence.

The principle of the method is to double the prize credits to the desired amount or until the limit in the slot machine is exceeded

For example, when a slot machine gives out a win, it expects further choice from the player. Will he take his won credits or will he take a chance and try to double his prize. When the color of the hidden card is guessed, the credits will double. If the color is not guessed, all earned credits disappear.

In our case, the player will already know in advance which color of the card to choose, and it will definitely be like this.

To activate, you will need to enter a specific code, by pressing the buttons of the gaming machine in a certain sequence. After the cheat code is triggered, the machine will give the card with color that the player knows in advance. Whichever color of the card the player chooses, this card will always be correct.

Doubling by table

  1. Along with the firmware file, a table with 65 thousand card symbols is also sent.
  2. According to the table, you can determine which position the cards are currently in the slot machine and what it will issue now and the next.
  3. When the list ends, the slot machine starts it over and repeat.

Doubling with activation

  1. After activating the cheat code, the slot machine will show the color of the cards that the player chooses.
  2. After 20 correctly guessed cards, the cheat will be deactivated and the machine will enter normal mode.
  3. To repeat your winning, you need to activate the cheat again.

Firmware with activation issuance of a Bonus or Jackpot

This is the most popular cheat firmware with a bug to get a jackpot or bonus. The slot machine has a cheat code that creates winning combinations. You can catch three, four or five symbols on the slot machine screen. That is, after activating the code, you will receive a jackpot or bonus (by the order) in the selected game or games.


  1. Activation occurs in the mode of guessing the color of the card black\red.
  2. A variant with a permanent activator. The code is always the same and does not change. Convenient and easy to remember.
  3. A variant with a variable activator. The code changes every time and you need to enter a new one.
  4. Activation in games. It is required to move from one game to another in a certain sequence.

You can order any sequence of winning combinations.
For example - at the game Book of Ra (Books) you can get a bonus, the main symbol becomes a Cowboy in a hat, get another one during free games a bonus of five books and finally catch the whole field with Cowboys.

To write (flash) a program into a memory device, you will need special equipment - a programmer.

Firmware version of the Gaminator Novomatic slot machine

In order to create a cheat firmware, firstly it needs to know for which version it needs to be made. There are two simple ways to determine the version.

Firmware version in the statistics of the slot machine

Turn the operator's key and enter the AUDIT MENU -> DIAGNOSTIC -> PROGRAM VERSIONS

AUDIT MENU Gaminator Novomatic

In the line named "MACHINE" here is the firmware version: Gaminator 10 V5.5-5

PROGRAM VERSIONS Gaminator Novomatic

The firmware version when the slot machine is turned on.

At boot time, the bottom line contains the firmware version.

AUDIT MENU Gaminator Novomatic

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