Top-Secret Simm-module for Gaminator Novomatic Admiral Cobra slot machines

Top-Secret Simm-module for Gaminator Novomatic Admiral Cobra slot machines

Description of software hacking of Gaminator Novomatic slot machines using secret simm modules.

This method is based on replacing one simm-flash module with a special one that uses a secret cheat code.

The cheat code in simm modules can activate one or more winning variants:

  1. Win-win doubling (Double) in the risk game – it will be known in advance which cards the slot machine will show: black \ red.
  2. The option of issuing a jackpot by slot machine or bonus with free games

These Simm-modules will work on Gaminator, HotSpot, Admiral, Cobra, Lotos, Lotomatic, Lotos slot machines.

Gaminator slot machines differ in firmware versions. The Roman numerals on the screen (in the upper right corner) are the slot machine mix number. The mixes are in turn divided into versions.

You can find out how to accurately determine the mix number and firmware version on the page:

Firmware for Gaminator slots

Installing a Simm-module in a slot machine

To begin with, let's prepare a simm-module - write a special program on it with the installed cheat code.

Firmware with the program of the required version and mix can be ordered on our website, or you can purchase a ready-made module.

Then we replace the already installed original module with our converted one.

Access to the slot machine

To get access to the motherboard with modules, you need to open the door of the gaming machine and a metal case that contains all the equipment of the Gaminator slot machine. If you don't have the original keys, you can use a universal lockpick, of which there are many sold on the Internet.

Metal case with electronics

a box with electronics Gaminator Novomatic

Replacing the Simm Module with a New Program

It is often called a flash-module.

In the Gaminator slot machine, this is a 64 MB EPPROM memory. This small circuit board resembles on DDR memory module of a conventional computer.

Similarly, it is pulled out and installed.

simm flash Gaminator Novomatic

Two such modules are usually installed on the Gaminator game board. The third module, slightly smaller, is a dynamic memory, in our case it is not interesting to us at all and we do not consider it.

The simm-flash module is removed as follows: shiny locking clips are pushed apart and the module is easily removed by slightly tilting at an angle.

To install, we repeat everything in reverse order, insert it into the connector at an angle and straighten it until the latches click.

Simm-modules on the processor board of the slot machine

simm module Gaminator Novomatic

Video demonstration - how to replace a Simm-module on a slot machine

During replacing the module, the power supply of the slot machine must be turned off.

Varieties of cheat codes for Simm-modules

Cheat for Bonus (Bug-Bonus)

win a bonus with free games on the slot machine

Work description

"Bug-Bonus" works for the issuance of large winnings, once (or several times in a row - by the order). To do this, you need to activate (enable) the Bug-Bonus program virus. Activator - the sequence of which only you will know.

  1. After typing the entire activator code, the "Bug-Bonus" program will turn on (switch to active mode) and will give out a winning combination ("bonus" or "jackpot" - by the order).
  2. The number of prizes can be increased - by the order (for example: a bonus in a bonus or a jackpot in a bonus game).
  3. When issuing all the required winnings, the "Bug-Bonus" is automatically disabled - the gaming machine also deactivates and returns to its normal mode of operation with a standard percentage of return.
  4. To re-launch the virus program, you need to re-dial the same activator code.


Occurs using the red-black buttons in the doubling mode (risk).

  1. The activator can have any number of steps that need to be typed sequentially.
  2. If you choose at least one step incorrectly, the activator you will have to re-type the activator
  3. You can change both the activator code and its length - the number of steps (ranging from 10 to 20).

With the games

  1. It is required to consistently enter the games and play there at any bet.
  2. You need to enter to the games in a certain sequence.
  3. If you enter the game at incorrectly of sequence, the activator is disabled and you need to re-dial it.
For example: start of the activator - log in and play the game "Dolphins", then "Hearts" - "Book" - "Lady charm" - "Dolphins" - "Hearts" - "Sizzling hot" - "Lady charm" - "Book" - This sequence will give out a jackpot on 6 scrolling reels in the "Books".


After issuing the required prize (or prizes), the slot machine returns to its initial state. To re-activate it, you need to dial the secret combination again.

And most importantly!

The slot machine will not issue a CRC error at certain intervals, as is often the case with poorly made firmware. We give a 100% guarantee that our firmware will work efficiently and without any problematic options.

Bug-Bonus is able to work both on old firmware versions and on new ones 5.6-12, 5.6-13, 5.7- x, 5.8-xx, Cobra and Hot Spot Platinum. No zeroing of statistics or other procedures will be required when installing the virus into the machine program. The slot machine will continue to work in the same mode with the old statistics.

Cheat for Doubling (Bug-Double)

win at double the risk on the slot machine

Description of working

"Bug-Double" opportunity to win on slot machines: Gaminator (Novomatic) at risk (doubling) in guessing the color of the card, black is red. When activating the cheat code (activation is known only to the hacker himself) the cards begin to "fall out" according to a well-known algorithm.

During a standard game, the slot machine behaves as usual.

In order to start winning, you need to know how to play doubling correctly.

When the machine issues winning credits, it waits for further actions from the player. Will he continue to play or will he try to increase his winnings by guessing the color of the card. If the player guesses the color of the card (black or red suit), then his winnings are doubled, if not - he loses all ceridts.

The number of doubles at a time is registered in the settings of the gaming machine and can be fixed on the maximum credit or the number of doubles (for example: five times).

In this case, the player will know exactly which suit of the card the machine will give out and the doubling win is guaranteed to player.

If the principle of operation of the described method is not yet fully understood, I will try to explain you in simple:

The real way to win on a slot machine is to re-program it. There is a special device for this - a programmer. But, it is difficult to buy it, they do not sell it in stores and its price starts from 500$. If you are the lucky owner of such a device, and even with the experience of radio-electronics, then you are very lucky and it will not be difficult for you to follow all the instructions for self-reprogramming of the Novomatic Gaminator slot machine.

Well, if there is no experience at work, then we can help you to perform such an operation.

To be more precise, only one flash module is reprogrammed , there are only two of them on the slot machine board. That's where we are implementing a program with a virus code, this procedure is also called as: "insert a bookmark", chip, install a Bug.

You just have to choose the moment and put such a flash module in the machine. After that, you can withdraw winnings from the slot machine at a convenient time for you.

You can purchase ready-made (programmed) modules from us, for this you only need to determine the number of the machine and the firmware version.

You can find out the version of the gaminator slot machine when downloading the game after turning it on or from the main menu: Diagnostic – Program Versions – Machine item.

You can find out exactly how to determine the mix number and firmware version on this page:

firmware for Gaminator slot machines

To introduce the Virus code into the slot machine program, Gaminator can help the special programs of Gaminator Admiral Novomatic slot machines developed for this purpose. The program for Gaminator (bug insertion) has an editable table of cards, when the virus of the program is introduced, the slot machine begins to consistently issue cards from the table when doubling. Having a copy of the table in your hands, you already know which card to choose.

You do not need to change the flash drive with the virus program every time.

It will be almost impossible to determine such a module in a gaming machine.

During the installation of the virused module in the device, it does not need to be reset or initialized. After installing the module with a bug, the slot machine will work the same as before, no visible changes will occur. Statistics and the percentage of return will remain the same.

To check the installed virused module with a bug, it need a specialist and special equipment for check.

The firmware with the BagDoubling program is installed (recorded) in the second "simm" flash-module.

The principle of BagDoubling is based on correctly guessing the color of the card's suit on doubling (in risk mode). The sequence of cards is known in advance to the player from the card table he has ((consisting of 65 thousand symbols of card suits).

To work, an assistant with a computer is required, which, through mobile communication, tells which suit of the card will "fall" next.

Order a Simm-module