Secrets of how to win at Gaminator Novomatic slot machines

Gaminator Novomatic Admiral Cobra HotSpot CoolFire

How can you win slot machines?

For this, you have to decide What are you going to do to win big? If you are not interested in money and you are just playing for your own pleasure, then this site is definitely not for you, if you really want win at slot machine, in spite of moral rules, it is worth thinking about the advantage of technology - hacking.

Slot machines should only be played if when there is information how they can be deceived. Otherwise, Constant losses will be more like self-flagellation than like a craving to beat them.

Gaminator, Admiral, Cobra, HotSpot, CoolFire, Novoline

All these are the names of slot machines from Novomatic. On this page you will learn only about the real secrets how to really win at slot machines Gaminator. There are several such ways:

win at slot machines using your phone

The proposed method is based on the calculation of the random number generator of the gaming machine and creating files with the continuation of all subsequent winning results, which the slot machine program should issue in the next few hours.

The generated files are downloaded to the mobile phone, which will vibrate to indicate the winning combination. At this time it is required quickly press the button to start the slot machine and collect your winnings.

The method is not hacking slot machines and does not require access to the electronics of the gaming machine.

This method will only work on original slot machines Gaminator Novomatic Admiral Cobra HotSpot (CoolFire-1), as well as for some versions of Gaminator Super V+.
SIMM FLASH chips Gaminator firmware

While others are trying to somehow deceive the slot machines, you can easily install the device in the slot machine, and then you just start winning at any suitable moment.

Reprogramming the Gaminator slot machine

The process of replacing the original chip another with a program containing a secret cheat code.

Such a cheat hackers call it - Bug.

In its turn, the cheat code is written to the flash module, which is installed in the Gaminator slot machine. These modules are similar in appearance to the RAM in ordinary home computers.

The process of installing the module into the device is quite simple and fast. It does not require special knowledge and programming skills.

Just order a ready-made cheat module from us and install it on the slot machine board. And then, start it at the right moment, by entering an activator (a special combination of button presses on the console). The slot machine will allow you to win as much as you wish.

After installing the cheat module, the slot machine will work as usual, no reset required, all statistics remain the same. The machine does not give any errors.

To replace a module would need less than one minute.

Changing the module will give you the opportunity win regularly on slot machines: Gaminator Novomatic Admiral Cobra HotSpot CoolFire. Applying this method just one time, you can always play on this machine and only win.

Possible options for receiving winnings can be viewed below, in the section: Cheat firmware for slot machines.

flash drive chips Firmware gaming machine

Firmware - program code to be included in the program by writing to a memory device (flash drive, disk, etc.)

There are several options for cheat firmware for Gaminator (Novomatic) slot machines.

You can choose the best option for you from the following. There are options for installing several ways to win on one firmware.

Firmware with activation for doubling

This method is based on the correct guessing of the card: colors - black or red, where you double the prize credits won.

When running the secret cheat code, cards begin to fall out in a certain (previously known) sequence.

Method principle - doubling prize credits up to desired amount.

For example, when the slot machine gives out a win, it waits for further choice from the player. The player will collect his won credits or take a risk and try to double your prize. If the color of the hidden card is guessed, credits will be doubled. If the color is not guessed, all doubled credits will be lost.

In our case the player will already know which card to choose.

To turn it on, you need to enter a certain cheat code by pressing the buttons of the gaming machine. After the cheat is triggered, the color of the card will drop out, which the player needs. Whatever color the player chooses - this card will always be correct.

Firmware with activation for Bonus or Jackpot

This is the most popular and demanded cheat firmware with a bug to get a jackpot or bonus. The slot machine has a secret cheat code, creating a winning combination. You can catch three, four or five symbols on the slot machine screen. That is, after activating the cheat code you will receive a jackpot or a bonus (under the order) in the selected game (or games).

Activation is called by moving from one game to another not on doubling (guessing the color of the card). Need to play games in a certain order, to activate the cheat.

To write program into a memory device, you will need special equipment - programmer.
slot machine microchip

These miniature devices are ready made fixture to make changes to the program of the slot machine.

Those, they are microcontrollers who are able to track and control the game process at the right time.

Devices can be both soldered to the board, and embedded in the original design of the slot machine.

May be visually similar on a part or body of an electronic product for slot machine but play a very different role.

The microchip can be hidden to a secret place from where it will not be visible, for example, in the plastic housing of the connector or even under the microprocessor of a gaming machine.