Secrets of how to play IGROSOFT slot machines and win

Secrets of how to play IGROSOFT slot machines and win

How to play slot machines correctly and always win

If in the casino one or more players constantly win more than they lose, then perhaps these players have found a secret way to bypass the protection of the slot machine.

How to make it so that you win all the time?

Any real player has, having a lot of experience on slot machines, there is a desire to increase his level, and sooner or later he has a question:

What are there any secrets of slot machines?

For people engaged in gambling who use slot machines, the topic of secrets on slot machines is clearly "unpleasant", since extraneous software intrusion not infrequently forces them to take action. And of course they know about the real bugs of slot machines, and have not rarely experienced them on their wallet.

To find such secrets, you first need to learn how to play correctly it is better to do this not in online free slot machines, the algorithm of which does not correspond to real slot machines. Only playing on the original slot machines will give you exactly what you wanted. All the details of how you can play for free on real slot machines can be found on this website.

Actually in real life, the chances of honestly beating a slot machine are very small. Statistics show that 90% of those who enter the casino leave with nothing!

There is only one way out - to use methods that could minimize the possibility of losing.

Despite the fact that the owners of gaming halls strive to protect their business from all sides, they do not always succeed. Sometimes administrative and technical protection measures used by owners have a weak effect, and the employees of such institutions themselves are not averse to earning extra money.

How to play slot machines and win constantly. There are several such methods in total:

Devices with a cheat code for slot machines

The method is based on installing a chip with a secret program in a slot machine. The installation involves opening the machine and replacing the chip with the original program with a chip with a pre-installed secret virus program (bug), such a chip is also called a "bug chip".

To install the slot machine, you will need access to its electronic part, you can try to negotiate with the service staff and then, do not forget to share the winnings. Or use a master key.

Chip replacement will take no more than 2, 3 minutes.

You can also find such slot machines on which such secret microchips are already installed. If you find out the activation code, you can easily start winning on such devices. You can try to find out the code, again, from the operators, or by chance, if you're lucky, see when such a chipmaker is playing on it.

Of course, to open the machine, you must have a key to its doors. Or use special lock picks, of which there are many sold on the Internet.
Firmware of the slot machine

Firmware of the slot machine

The program file with the algorithms of operation is recorded on a chip - a data carrier.

To write (firmware) to the chip, a special device - a programmer is required.

After installing such a chip with a cheat code, it becomes possible to win on a slot machine.

To activate the cheat code (secret firmware), you need to play a certain combination by choosing bets and lines.

1 line and 1 bet, then 5 lines and 3 bet and so on, with different lines and bets. After entering the last bet, the cheat is activated and the machine switches to issuing winning combinations. To deactivate, you need to play at a certain rate or withdraw the winnings.

Firmware bug - a file with a secret program (cheat code) that allows you to win on slot machines.