Soft for slot machines

Secret software for hacking slot machines

Hacking a slot machine is a way to change its software by entering a secret a "virus" program that allows you to change the gameplay while playing on it hacker.

Secret programs for slot machines

They help to create a virus code in the slot machine program. You create your own virus yourself, how it will be activated and most importantly, what will happen after activation: the slot machine will give out a bonus, jackpot or any other winnings.

the Regenerator program

RNGenerator v.5.8 download the Gaminator Analyzer

A remote way to win on slot machines

A new version of a special program for remote analysis and calculation of winning combinations of the slot machine.

More information about the program can be found in the section: linkANALYZER

Software for slot machines CoolAir Gaminator

Software for slot machines CoolAir Gaminator

Win on Coolair slot machines
They are clones of popular slot machines: "Gaminator", "Novomatic", etc.

CoolAir very often they contained errors in the software, there are cases of errors with doubling winnings. Cool Air machines have become very popular due to their low cost. They have become very widespread in Europe.

Most of these devices already have a virus software program
which the developers inserted in advance, for their own secret purposes. Some owners of slot machines found out about this method and managed to change own slot machines. But, all the same, there are still a lot of such machines in gaming clubs. The "CoolAir Gaminator" program allows you to detect such devices and launch a hidden bug in them.

How to activate a cheat code and get a win

To activate the cheat code, you need to enter (in the doubling mode) the sequence of choosing the color of the cards. This code is permanent and does not change.
B-R-B-R-B-R-B-R where B is a black card, R is a red.
When you enter the sequence of the first activator, look and remember the colors of the cards that the slot machine shows (of course they will differ from those that you enter)
After you enter the first activator and remember the colors of the cards that the slot machine showed. You need to enter (the remembered colors) into the program. The program will create a second activator and you need to enter it a second time, in the same way as the first one (in the doubling mode)
After entering the last color of the card, the bug is activated.
After a few spins, a bonus drops out and then another one.

After the machine gives out the required winnings, the bug will turn off.

There is no way of external detection of such cheat boards.