How to win online slot machines casino

How to win online slot machines casino

Chapter - 1 (Internet casino)

win online slot machines casino

I'm going to my city, I drink beer and then my friend calls on the mobile, starts asking about things. I think where to sit and see a sign. Looking in... There are computers, and at the beginning there is a desk with an administrator. Adults sit and play not with toys, but with slot machines you will not believe - "fruits" and "pyramids" flash on the screens, winks the same "strawberry" and all in a similar spirit. Well I think. Everything is clear. I kind of ran on business ;)

"The girl says to me: -will you go online?

"-How long do you need?"

"And how are you paid? By amount of trafic or by time? - I ask her a question"

"50 (currency) - 1 hour" - ( for such money, at least she smiled pleasantly :) )

I sit down at the given to me computer. I'm looking and recognize "GameClass3" immediately (the code for monitoring the time spent at the computer). The counter starts counting for 1 hour. And my desktop becomes active. I am sending a letter to a friend by email. I managed almost quickly. Well, I think that what else is there, let's take a look ;)

A local ring network of 192.168.0.x Computers work under accounts K1, K2, K3... With Administrator rights.

I find the way to the administrator's main computer

It wasn't that hard - :)

I start connecting to it via\ the Distr folder and standard Printers and Faxes is appeared.\c$ Requests a password:(

well, basically that's it. But not yet, - Antivirus is not even a trace, although Kaspersky is in the Distr folder.

There is still time to sit and then a yell from the right "Hurrah!!!" (Cheer) I look back at the next computer and see: Your winnings are 5000 rubles!

Hm. I want it that way too :) I'm going to the administrator.

"-Girl. Can I play too?" I hand over a couple hundred.

She hands me a card for playing.

-Hmm. Miss, I'm a beginner at this. Can you help me please.

She goes with me to my computer and launches the Likes Slot shortcut. The website is being launched. There are pictures of online slot machines on it. He asks me to choose any one.

Naturally, my favorite slot is "Fruit Cocktail", launches... It started :)

But! There is an empty window in front of us. Requests a username and password. They are indicated on the card that given to me later. Both are just numbers.

Okay, I think. Enter :) The girl walks away... And I'm stay one on one with computer :)

I have 200 (currency) on my account and a constantly window pops up: "Communication with the server"

I'm starting to play. And lo and behold! You won't believe me, dear readers. I won! 500 (currency).

I approach the girl. "-Withdraw 500"

She looks at the monitor, pressed the exit button and a minute later gives me the winnings.

I leave the club in a good mood

But at home, that yell of "Hurrah!!!" (Cheer) and the 5,000 win doesn't get out of my head...

Chapter - 2 (Home)

I launch the Browser, find the luckyslot website and begin to study it in detail. The site is in html. Games are just *.exe. Available for download.

At the bottom of the site: "We accept payment via Webmoney, etc." (as it turned out, for beauty or a distraction), the server is located in the states.

But I see the "checkout" link above the site and immediately click :) dealer.exe - Download?

Yes! Saved it. Launched.

Login, name and password entry window. Okay we'll see later…

I download the same emulator "fruit cocktail". I install it in the folder C:\Slots\002 .

I go there and see. Gm.lnk a couple of ini files with something encrypted and a folder with graphics, we'll leave it for now.

I do it like in that Internet club, go back to the site and launch it.

The game asks - "enter your password and login". I enter the numbers from the card from memory.

Denied :( Trying to switch windows. The game crashed! Oh! and this is already interesting!

I launch the sniffer and log into the game again. I pressed the buttons, I close it.

The sniffer outputs the line everything is encrypted in the package :(

I run the program "dealer" (downloaded from the site) poked and throws me all the same on

What kind of server is this. Everyone want to get in there.

Xspider invitingly begins to find :) Issues an error on port 135 right there.

Remote command execution... well, I don't need that yet. Rdp. lsass. Windows.

I connect via the terminal in the Win2003 window, the server is on a German host.

Okay let's forget the complicated ways… Although of course not so complicated ;)

So, the game itself - Gm.lnk with a size of only 2 megabytes. Very strange.

I change *.lnk to *.exe and launch it. I look at the file packed and written in Delphi.

Unpacking, disassembling - I have the source code of the program. So. "What else would I do" - I think.

I upload sniffer, shell for Windows and some other software to the file sharing site to download from the Internet in the club. I'm going to this "Internet Cafe" …

Chapter - 3 (game casino again)

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Nothing has changed during my absence. The girl is only different ;)

I buy access to the network for an hour. Well, that's it, here we go…

The operator's computer opened easily. I have the administrator's username and password. Local brute coped in 8 seconds (accounting on the machine of the operator user / user with administrator rights)\with$ is open.

The sniffer collected all the traffic. Between Internet clubs (and there were several of them) communication via ICQ - I have passwords. Passwords from the "dealer" program were recorded in the report.

So it's time to wrap up…

Chapter - 4 (home)

The first thing I do is launch "dealer". Login, Name, password I am connecting…

It turned out to be quite simple…

The cards that are given to the visitor when entering the game have the form:
Login 3324353434
Password 347623

3324353434 - is the account number to which the operator binds the amount of money. Also deducts the amount from this number when winning.

And he can see what amount is currently on this account number. And can replenish this account during the game (of course, at the request of the player).

The operator himself does not have a log. There is a current digit on the card.

It turns out that coming to the club and starting to play. My friend at this moment top the account balance in the amount of 50,000. And I'm just withdraw money. The money is in the account. It's quite simple.

Well, of course, with the right approach, 50,000 is not worth it right away. And how best to decide for everyone individually.

I'm coding a small program. Searching for the value 176, then 159 and eventually 142, after each scrolling of the drum, it gave out the amount of 50,000 :)

Childish? I agree. But I'm still a hot guy :)

Chapter 5 (online casino again)

Come in. I sat down at an online slot machine. I'm starting to play. The prize is 50,000 :) My first phrase: "Everything I won is for you, miss" - she is of course shocked.

"There are 141 (currency) on your card. How did it happen? What the fuck? What's going on?"

I'm laughing. That so funny :) I leave my phone number. "The owner will have questions, call" I'm leaving the club…

Chapter 6 (on the street)

Half an hour later... the mobile phone rings. Male voice:

"You left your phone number at the club. How can we talk to you?"

"The so-and-so area is at the bus stop in 20 minutes," - I answer.

Well, now imagine what could happen to me at this meeting. Gambling business is no joke. But: Our city is small. Everyone knows each other by the face. Having no reputable acquaintances behind him, it was not realistic to "take out" such a meeting. But I wasn't scared. Well, almost... :) So..slight fright :).

I'm standing, so I'm waiting. The white car driving up to me. Worth waiting for. The number is the one you need. Although I didn't think it would come. Well, that's not the point.

I approach, open the door and sit down. 30 seconds of silence, almost made me laugh.

Apparently, they expected something similar from the "Hackers" movies. Okay, they got it.

"Well, what is it called?"

"Your protection, or rather what is not ...." I tell them that they are just vulnerable.

There are two men in the front seats (whom I expected to see), but a woman in the back. Hmm…

"Do you understand that we can put you in jail for six years" - she says

"Yeah. I understand" - I said. Upon hacking ... but it is impossible because Gambling is illegal.

To turn to the cops protecting them, to threaten a setup. Also does not roll:
1. They will laugh, (I didn't take the money)
2. The city is small. Maybe buddies can help me)))))

"And you know that we track every payment. You won't be able to get the money. No amount. I go to the site myself and look through everything. Even 1000 (currency) of winnings." - she. ....I'm trying to explain, and she's about her…

And then I realized. She did not understand the situation to such an extent that it is not clear why she came at all.

There are two game systems in this club. I described the first one, and the second one is also a website. And the admin panel on the site itself. And maybe she can also view it. Heh... the passwords are in the report.

In general, they agreed that their protection is based on a physical factor. Well, they say they can find somebody, they will get a description from the administrator (by the way, probably still drinks valerian). So virtual hacking won't work here.

Although by the voice and winks I realized that they were waiting for something similar, which really happened.

"Okay, good luck to you" And I get out of the car.

Chapter 7 (online slot machines)

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Is it really so incomprehensible to people who have created, even a semi-legal gambling business? Are they "fly in the clouds"… They say everything is fine. We'll find everyone and everything.

Even now, someone will be able to program at similar points and then they will be in profit.

So far, business has only started to go uphill. The winning limit is 50,000.

But remember slot machines. In collusion with the operator and the security. Substitution of the chip.

Up to 300,000 in the pocket

There will be such winnings again soon. The people just started to wake up. That the scam was opened again. And here there is no need for collusion.

And I think they have enough considerations just what kind of emulator thread for 2 bucks per car. Security damn for two bucks. And the organization of a Dos attack on either the club itself or the site. And just demoralize the work by introducing a logical bomb. Yes, there are a lot of things here. Very much.

But it's easier for them. They all track payments on the site and will find you based on the 640*480px camera photo))))) Probably did not understand that I want to help them. Organize everything. I can also work for them. And so it all resulted in an article. And information for think it over for all of you.